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J.L. Frost Construction

About Us

About Us

J.L. Frost Construction is a hands on construction design team and General Contractor. We our goal is to create any type of residential space that a homeowner can dream up. Such as an addition with an indoor pool, or outdoor living room with a breath taking landscape with soft LED lighting accenting a stone walkway or retaining wall. We have over 150 years of combined experience in new construction and renovation of homes. Our main goal is to give the homeowner something they will love for years to come. We do this by specializing in design and functionality; an example would be a kitchen renovation giving you the convenience you need to prepare food etc, yet designing it so in the evening you have a lighting package that turns your kitchen into a gorgeous social gathering area that you can’t take your eyes off of – it must be functional, but much better when it looks and feels amazing too.

Main Goals, Purpose and Focus

Customer Fulfillment – JL Frost has one overall goal, and that is to make sure our customers are extremely happy with the design and the final project. We understand the stress involved with having your home being a construction site as well. We are dedicated to easing the stress and delivering you the space of your dreams. We pride ourselves with being very innovative – we work with our customers to ensure they get what they want and need. We have the best contractors and craftsman to complete the job in a meticulous fashion.

The Process

JL Frost is a “turn-key” contractor. We handle all of the documentation with City governments such as plan review and permits.

We will come to your home and review in detail the ideas you have as well as give other options or guidance (if needed). Once we get a general notion of the project, we can give you a ballpark price range so we can decide if it is within budget. If you are pleased with the general discussions we then move into the planning and design stage. If we require an architect we will get the plans created and then review until you are pleased with the design. Then we obtain approvals from the City and the project begins! We handle obtaining all of the inspections with the city until the final approval is given for a complete project.

We offer construction management and consultation services in the fields of real estate and construction. Please call us for more details.