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J.L. Frost Construction

Lighting Specialist

Lighting specialists / Home automation

Technology has given us so much power and convenience to transform our homes into anything we can imagine. J.L. Frost Construction specializes in LED lighting that can create an entire different space inside or outside your home. We have done hundreds of hours of research and have experimented with different lighting applications that would blow your mind! We can give you the control to transform any part of your home in to paradise – and control all of it with your phone or tablet. We have taken lighting to another level. If you like the space you have, but could use a “face-lift” - then you need to contact J.L. Frost Construction.

In addition to incorporating much better lighting into your home or landscape we offer full home automation. This could be as simple as controlling your home security and lights at home, or have the ability to see and control your entire home from anywhere in the world. We can give you complete control of your heating and cooling, door locks, lighting, garage doors, intercom, security system, window shades, skylights, pools, spas and more! We have a package that can fit most any budget.