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J.L. Frost Construction

Landscapes Hunting Valley, OH

J.L. Frost Construction is not your typical general contractor. We try to be different from other service providers in the state by specializing in the various areas of construction and property development. And one of the property improvement tasks that we consider ourselves as experts is in the design and installation of landscapes.

Landscapes Hunting Valley, OH

Our landscape creations are customized according to our client's needs and desires. We don't create designs that are commonly seen in residential and commercial spaces in Ohio. Instead, we ensure that all the features and amenities that we design and install will make our client's property stand out. Our completed landscapes in Hunting Valley, Mentor and Kirtland are proof of our competency in this particular field of property improvement.

Please contact us today so we can also make your outdoors more inviting and functional with the various Landscapes that we can create.

Landscape Designs

Landscapes Hunting Valley, OH

We have in our company some of the best landscape designers in the state. They have extensive experience in designing outdoor amenities for residential and commercial properties. The great thing about our landscape designs is that they are created using modern design tools. These tools allow us to come up with unique designs that will also reflect the lifestyle and personality of our clients.

Professional landscape Installation

At J.L. Frost Construction, we are committed to provide clients with attractive, functional, and long lasting landscape features. We achieve this by using proven methods and installation techniques. We also follow the industry's standards to ensure quality landscape installation. We've been providing this kind of service to Parma residents and clients from nearby cities.

Moreover, our clients are assured of expertly built landscapes because of these credentials:

Landscapes Hunting Valley, OH
  • Skilled manpower and certified installers. We only employ people who are experienced and skilled in landscape installation. They are licensed and certified by industry organizations so you are assured of quality workmanship regardless of the project's size and requirements.

  • Complete tools and equipment. As a general contractor, we are bound to acquire vital construction tools and equipment. These resources help us complete landscaping projects in a fast and efficient manner. With our complete tools and equipment, we can tackle with ease the construction of retaining walls, driveways, patios, walkways and other types of landscapes.

  • Use of premium landscaping products. The landscape features that we create can last for decades without needing major repairs because of the top-quality materials that we use for our projects. Our suppliers are carefully selected so only those with impressive credentials can become one of our partners. From the pavers we use to the various masonry materials, they are all guaranteed to be of premium quality.

Hire the Experts in landscaping

Landscapes Hunting Valley, OH

You can never go wrong in hiring us for your renovation or outdoor improvement projects. With more than 10 decades of combined experience in the field of construction and home renovation, we are definitely the right people to hire. At J.L. Frost Construction, we can guarantee you of exquisitely designed and professionally installed landscapes. We have done this before for clients in Hunting Valley, OH, so we are 100 percent sure that we can also provide the same level of service to you.

Contact us now at (216) 481-5321 and let us design and build your dream landscapes.